Yes, I mean Illuminati. Probably, it doesn’t sound new to you or you’ve heard it before but it does not occur to you to know what they do. Probably, you weren’t interested or you are already a member. If you are hearing it for the first time, then you are the only person in Jerusalem that does not know that Christ has risen.
Before I continue. I know that a lot of people would get pissed off, I know they will come lashing and grunting when reading this, more especially those who believe or are already members of illuminati. I am not bothered but rather the truth must be told without fear or favour.

The truth is that illuminati is a satanic organization. No matter how they try to paint the picture of what they do: telling you how you can get rich, get connected, become famous and live like a lord. I bet you, you just sold your soul to the devil.

Most of those you call movie stars in America and beyond, great musicians, artistes, footballers, companies, pastors, bishops, scientists, professors, doctors, presidents, senators, governors, fashion designers, producers, judges, philosophers, atheists, billionaires, wealthy men and women who appear on television programs and world organizations are members of this illuminati. They are everywhere.  You worship them, adore them, taking them as your idol or role model. You even behave, dance, act and do similar things like they are. They are using every necessary electronic medium in luring people to their net.

Their members are sporadically growing on daily basis all over the world. I want to let you know that they are operating under the influence of Lucifer. Take a look at their symbol containing the moon, triangle, the eye, the circle, the straight lines that connected each other, the letters COA, dotted lines and the rays of light surrounding the eye. They all represent Lucifer’s web of attraction. Illuminati is a tentacle of the Beast. Woe to you if you are dining with them because you just invited the devil to dinner and you know what happens when he shows up.

If you have fallen prey to their deceptive nature and Luciferic promises you are already doomed for destruction unless you denounce them and come into the Light of Christ. There is no light in Illuminati, even the devil manifests like an angel of light.

2 Corinthians 11: 13 – 15 says,” For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works “. 

Illuminati is darkness, satanic and end time agents of the devil programmed to lure many into damnation. Those who denounced them will tell you what they went through. You cannot eat on the table of the devil and remain the same. 

There is no other role model better than Jesus Christ. A word is enough for the wise.

Wrong profession.

As the bird perches on a branch but puts no trust in it but on its wings, so should men seek to trust in a profession God has purposed for them.

I want to talk about your source of income. Unfortunately, I may not know your source of income but is your source of income genuine, is it legal, is it coming from a good source? The devil has used the source of income of many people to compromise their integrity. There is no way people won’t earn a living from the kind of jobs they do. A lot of people take bribe, cheat, outwit their clients or customers and even manipulate figures just to make ends meet. They lack the courage to do a decent job. The crux of the matter is that they believe they can’t live a good life without involving in financial and economic crimes.

Fears of poverty, insecurity and greed are basic elements of their lives, why? They are in a wrong profession. It pains so much that in this dispensation people still embezzle funds meant for the citizenry, people still engage in something that neither gives them passion nor joy. They just work because they have no alternative.

Everything they claim to do for the masses are mere means of luring them to their early graves.

Striving over wrong profession, wrong lifestyle, wrong friends, wrong acquisition of wealth and wrong usage of knowledge could be frustrating. It could lead to premature death, broken relationship, low esteem and violence.

The God-given profession is devoid of all these perils.

Ecclesiastics 3:10 reads, “I have seen the God-given task with which the sons of men are to be occupied,” and verse13 says,” and also that every man should drink and enjoy the good of all his labour – it is the gift of God”.

It is glaring that there is a God-given profession which the Scripture called the ‘God-given task’. I know somebody would ask me,’Can God dictate a profession for him?’ Yes, He can and He does. 

Paul was an erudite lawyer but God chose him to be an Apostle. Peter was a professional fisherman before he was called to divine duty. Noah was a farmer but converted to a ship maker. Elisha was a farmer before Elijah called him for heavenly assignment. 

If your profession does not glorify God, you become miserable. Wrong profession can make you waste your years of destiny. Choose your profession by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Take the courage and give it a try.

Creating a winning spirit.

Creating a winning mentality is not just by wishful thinking. It is not just reading articles, books or watching videos that could ginger you. It is certainly beyond that. It is not enough dreaming about being a winner when in the actual sense there is no action to back it up. Before you can create a winning mentality you have to change your spirituality. I mean, not just believing in your heart but praying for it, asking God to give you the winning spirit and do what people say you cannot do.

Unless you are for God you cannot be ready for good. If you live a life of mediocrity you will soon become a mediocre. At this point, don’t settle for less.

Any time I watch a hundred metres dash. I just ask myself a question, ”why must the umpire shout, ‘on your marks, get set,’ before the gun is fired into the air?” I am not particularly excited to see what happens at the end. I am practically interested in what happens before the race.

Now look at the point where the winner is predicted. Any time you watch an athlete, the first thing he does is to look at the finishing line. His whole strength is willed on getting to his destination. The second thing is that he moves his body energetically and stands akimbo weighing the world on his shoulders. The third is to look at the other contestants and tell himself, ‘I am already a winner’. Believe me this is where the winner emerges.

The winning mentality starts from your spirit not from your heart. Your spirit must agree with your heart. The question is, what do you want to win?

We desire to win all the time. I may not know what you want to win but I can assure you winning souls for Christ is the greatest. Anything you win does not make heaven to rejoice but winning a soul makes heaven to rejoice. Hmmm, I hope you got that.

Proverbs 11:30 says:

 The fruit of righteousness is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise.

Be wise.

Every morning…

 I wake up every morning; without mourning.

I wake up every morning being the best; among the rest.

I wake up every morning in His sanctuary; because it wasn’t my obituary.

I wake up every morning to pray; for He didn’t make me a prey.

I wake up every morning to worship Him; because He extended His hand of friendship.

I wake up to see His glory; no wonder He changed my story.

I wake up every morning to hear His voice; because I am His choice.

I wake up every morning on my feet; for He enabled me to be fit.

I wake up every morning full of joy; for He created me to enjoy.

I wake up every morning because of His grace; for He had removed my disgrace.

I wake up every morning to hear His good news; no wonder He made me to become the news.

This morning I woke up because He never broke up.

When you wake up every morning, what do you believe?

It is not a must…

Sometimes in our lives we find it very hard to come to reality. Sometimes you have to accept things the way they are and move on. Why most people are underachievers is because they tend to rely solely on certain people they think or believe should be a helping hand.
Yes, I know that your parents, family, trusted friends, colleagues or mates should be of help to you in one way or the other because they have a responsibility to do so. However, it is not mandatory, and when they decline due to circumstances beyond their control you don’t seem to get it.

What I am driving at, is that, it is not a must that your dad will train you in school. It is not a must that your uncle should help you. It is not a must that the person your parents helped in the past should help you in the present time. It is not a must that your mother will take care of you. It is not a must that your wife or husband must listen to everything you say. It is not a must that the government should create jobs. It is not a must that the senator you voted into office should do all he said in his manifesto. It is not a must the governor should proffer solution to the poverty rate in your state. It is not a must that everybody you meet will give you a listening ear. It is not even a must that you will get a job even if your father is the head of a recruitment agency. That’s the truth.

Yet, in all these things, a must-factor so sure was Christ’s death. God made it a must for you to obtain mercy even when you have not been born. God issued a letter of grace before you began to make mistakes. He saw the end from the beginning and decided to create a platform to remove your past and make your present perfect by His grace. 

He knew your parents could disappoint you. He knew the economy of your country could be harsh. He foresaw the problems that lie in wait for you. He imagined the weight of depression and rejection you might experience. He found your weaknesses before you discovered them. He decided to bring solution before the problem shows up. Ephesians 2:10 says,

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them”.

God told His Son Jesus, “ My Son it is a MUST you die to redeem my people “.

And today I believe that was the only must that was ever real.

Your secret makes you discreet.

I was watching a wild life documentary sometime ago. It was about horses. I was considering the kind of heart the horses possess. As humans when we run a distance the first thing we notice is that our heartbeats become faster as possible and we lose strength with time. So, I thought the heart of a horse must be the ‘engine room’. As an adept student of God’s creations I continued watching. I sat in my sofa admiring the energetic creature. I discovered that a horse can gallop at a speed of up to fifty kilometres per hour. Although this involves considerable mechanical work, relatively little energy is spent. How is it possible? The secret is the horse’s legs. Consider what occurs when a horse gallops. Elastic muscle-tendon units absorb energy when the legs steps on the ground, and much like a spring they return it propelling the horse forward. Now, engineers are trying to imitate the design of the horse’s legs for use in four-legged robots.

Consider this: little energy used in long distance produces greater steps. You have to learn to keep secrets as God kept the secret of the horse in its legs. People have lost motive and direction because they make public all their intentions. It can jeopardize your life and obstruct God’s plan. There is nothing wrong in sharing your ideas but know who you disclose it to. All around us are dream killers. They try to frustrate your gift, idea, ambition or the will of God.

Now Joseph had a dream, and told it to his brothers; and they hated him even more” (Genesis 37:5)

When you have a mission to accomplish, you have to learn to be a soldier who only takes instructions rather than asking questions. The answer will come when you ask the right people.

The secret you know makes you the concrete you have to become. Learn to hold unto your secrets. One of the best ways to succeed in life is to see everything and say little. Your ability to go far is for you to be a simple introvert rather than an extrovert. For you to preserve and conserve your destiny, you have to learn to observe and reserve what you have to deserve.

The knowledge you know depends on the secret you have. In the Scripture, Ahithophel knew everything about David. He knew him to the bone marrow. Everything David did was by the counsel of Ahithophel. A day came when he used it against David. He joined David’s son Absalom to overthrow him. What a household enemy! This knowledge worsened David’s sorrows that he prayed,

 “O Lord, I pray turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness ”          (2 Samuel 15:31)

The irony of it all was that Ahithophel was actually foolish, his name means “foolishness”. He committed suicide.

The aspirations you want to accomplish are guided by secrets. In every phase of life there are secrets governing them. You have a destiny to fulfill, you don’t need admirers but people who will protect your vision with utmost carefulness.

In destruction of Jericho, Rahab was a secret service agent. Rebecca had to keep the divine secret; God told her that Esau shall serve Jacob. Joseph knew the secret of Mary’s pregnancy and kept it. These were divine assignments.

Proverbs 20:19 says,

He who goes about as a talebearer reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with one who flatters with his lips”.

You are finished !!

There comes a time when second chance is not guaranteed. There will be nothing like a perfect time to do things. Sometimes it is now or never. The sound of the trumpet is about to echo. Read my little story.

A professor boarded a canoe to cross to the other side of a river and this discussion ensued between him and the paddler:

Professor: Do you know entomology?

Paddler: No.

Professor: You are finished! OK, let me ask you again, ‘do you know psychology?’

Paddler: No.

Professor: You are finished! Tell me, do you know sociology?

Paddler: No.

Professor: You are finished! Your life is worthless. Now, do you know eschatology?

Paddler: No.

Professor: You are finished!! You are absolutely finished!! Do you know about pathology?

Paddler: No.

Professor: You are finished!! This is horrible. Absolute nonsense! Fine. Do you know about biology?

Paddler: No

Professor: You are finished!! You are just useless.

All of a sudden there was turbulence. The canoe wavered. The paddler tried to steady the canoe but to no avail. The professor became afraid. There was no other canoe coming neither was there one at sight. The storm came with a heavy wind splashing water at them. All hope seemed lost as both of them left everything to fate. The paddler decided to ask the professor a question for the first time.

Paddler: Professor, do you know Jesusology

Professor: No.

Paddler: YOU ARE FINISHED !!!! End of discussion.