Why Adam failed. Why Jesus succeeded.

How on earth can somebody live in this great environment called ‘Eden’ and still lacked focus? Is it that Adam and Eve were not contented or they were ungrateful?

I know some might say, ‘if not that the devil was created Adam wouldn’t have disobeyed God’. That’s alright but remember that the devil was once without blame until he derailed. How did Adam put all of us in this mess? I will tell you.

Adam – the first man God created was perfect and there was no reason for him to fail. His wisdom, perception, instinct and spirit were all sound. Perfect in the sense that he was without blemish. The garden of Eden was all there for him. The wonderful creatures and creations were under his authority. He had dominion and power to decide. Nobody disputed him, nobody told him what to do. In all these he was king and the entire world was under his feet. He lacked nothing and never wished anything. He had no reason to be in sorrow or in pain. He was blessed in surplus and He enjoyed all the pleasures of life.

Everything around him was serene and in order. He was compared to none, even angels were keen to imagine such a creature. Paradise was simply on earth. 

No pollution, earthquake, volcanic eruption, disease, illness, death, traffic, symptoms or negative occurrence. It was all good.

But suddenly, Eve was created when God discovered how lonely he was. She came to complement him in other to sustain our existence. It did not last long Adam failed, why? Where went his perfection and sense of reasoning? Where went his wisdom and great knowledge? I will certainly tell you.

When Eve was created, Adam began to listen to Eve rather than God and allowed Eve to convince him to disobey God. Whereas when Jesus left His Father to come in human flesh he never allowed anyone to make Him break the rule.

Jesus was in the womb of Mary His mother, plotted by Herod to kill Him, born in a manger and was confronted by the horrible situations of life but Adam in his comfortability had nothing to worry about, he was too comfortable for the devil to manipulate him.

Adam was never born naturally, no mother, no father. He never crawled nor learned how to walk, talk or even sit. He never experienced growing into maturity but Jesus went through all these growing in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men (Luke 2:52)

Adam had a choice, a freewill to choose between God and the devil. Jesus had no choice than to fulfill His mission. Jesus said, “Father, if it is Your will, remove this cup from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done” (Luke 22:42)

Adam fell into temptation but Jesus never did. Instead He rebuked the devil (Matthew 4:1-11)

Adam never prayed nor fasted for things to come but fasting and prayer constituted the successful ministry of Jesus (Matthew 4:2)

Adam grew in a land of plenty and abundance but Jesus knew what it is to lack and hunger. Jesus was a carpenter to earn a living.

Adam left the presence of God and never asked for forgiveness, he never asked for a second chance. Jesus remained in the presence of His Father even when He faced Pontius Pilate till His death (Luke 23).

When Adam was tempted he was in the flesh but when Jesus was tempted He was always in the spirit.

Jesus tutored disciples and imparted them with power of salvation and miracles but Adam never discipled anyone to learn from his mistakes.

The devil knew the weakness of Adam which is the woman. The Bible called the woman the weaker vessel. Jesus had no weakness so the devil could not make or break Him.

Adam failed because he relied on his human judgement to eat the forbidden fruit as most us rely on our senses to act but Jesus relied on the judgement of His Spirit.

Adam was quick to blame God for his disobedience claiming that the woman He gave him was responsible for his action but Jesus knowing what He was to pass through never blamed anybody not even His parents, brothers, the Pharisees or those who condemned Him.

The Holy Spirit left Adam in his disobedience but the Holy Spirit was an active force in the life of Jesus (Luke 3:22).

The same devil that deceived Adam was the same devil Jesus defeated.

Adam knew the consequences of his action and chosed to damn the outcome but Jesus knew the consequences and got focused. He knew that once beaten, twice shy.

Because you have Jesus Christ you can never fail. If you have failed before does not mean you are defeated. The opposite of success is not failure, failure is part of success.

Jesus Christ gave us the spirit to conquer, not to fail. He shed His blood for us to be saved. What more can I say when He ressurected and gave a perfect example of success as death could not hold him in the grave.

I implore you to have the success mentality. God will see you through.

Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.