The title or the mantle!

Hmmm!! Are you still waiting or you are ready? Are you waiting for the title or ready for the mantle?

Lives are wasted on daily basis in our global system because we are good at parading our titles rather than our mantles. There is nothing wrong in adding the prefix (title) to our names due to our wealth of academic degrees or social status achieved over time. I also have a title but when you don’t have the mantle to change circumstances, the mantle to look into the future and proffer solutions even when you have not seen a problem, then, you’re busy chasing after the wind. You need understanding before you become outstanding in any field of life you have chosen to emerge a victor. 

The difference is that titles are man-made but titles are divinely-made.

It came to pass when Elijah was about to leave Elisha to continue the work of God. Elisha knew everything Elijah taught him, yet, he never allowed him (Elijah) to discourage him from following him to the end. Elisha was bent on something, he had decided not to quit until he gets what he wants. He was mocked and ridiculed by his colleagues the ‘sons of the prophet’ in which he was one of them. 

They cajoled him into giving up on his master. They continually reminded him of his master’s exit. In all their discouragements he shouted at them to shut up (2 Kings 2:3). Sometimes silence is not golden and sometimes speech is an axe that cuts the gold into pieces. He was focused not to loose sight of what he was eager to achieve – he was tired of answering a ‘son of the prophet’, he needed to be a prophet.

It is good to be a child but it is bad to remain a child. The ‘sons of the prophet’ were comfortable with their title. Look at what 2 Kings 2:3 said, “He also took up the mantle ….”. Elisha was in possession of the mantle of his master. If you read further you will discover that the same mantle divided the Jordan river and he crossed over. When the sons of the prophet saw him and his extraordinary performance they bowed  before him. Elisha became a prophet and dumped his title as a ‘son of the prophet’. I want to tell you that it is not by TITLE but by MANTLE.

Leave the title and take the mantle; in it lies the power to change the world. Back up your purpose on earth with a mantle. Don’t wait until you are ready, pray for a divine back up and back backwardness.

You cannot transfer your title to your child except your child grows up to become it but the mantle is like a baton passed to an athlete to continue. Take the mantle and never leave it until God shows you who will take it from you. 

Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.

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