You are born to supply not to apply.

In our modern day routine, everything is applied for. Two third of the developing nations apply extensively. They apply for foreign programs, foreign jobs, debt cancellation, scholarship, foreign aid, holiday visa etc. They apply even where there is no vacancy. People are prone that way, countries do the same, the system is busy saturated with people applying for various things. How long will this continue?
Everything is collapsing because people no longer have a sense of productivity. What is affecting the developing countries is over dependency on international community especially Europe.

We must understand the inner power to supply energy. People often stop dreaming about what they really want to do in life because resources are not at their disposal. God told Adam to replenish the earth. It means Adam should take and equally give back to the source to yield again. In this generation people tend to take rather than give back to the society. People dwell in applying rather than supplying.

Adam did not apply for a garden before God planted it. Adam did not apply for a wife before God gave him Eve. He did not apply for a job, he already had a job. What God did was to supply him with whatever he needed.

Philippians 4:19 says,

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”. 

Paul the writer of this epistle, did not say you have to apply, he said God will do the supply. God also want you to be a supplier. You don’t have to apply for a job, start supplying jobs. In simple economics need means the necessary or essential while want means something desired but not beneficial. Therefore, you are meant to supply the need of your generation. You have a lot to supply. Our desperate world is looking for people who can supply ideas, supply jobs to the overwhelming population, supply food, supply knowledge and wisdom to the impediments of our generation, people who can win souls for Christ, people who can supply words of encouragement, help the needy, the poor and make the world a better place to live.

The secret of supplying comes from the inner power to generate spontaneous ideas that can create an atmosphere to rescue the populace. The Bible says in Genesis 1:1, 

In the beginning God created ……..”. 

It didn’t say God was looking for what to create, He knew what to create, He knew what to supply. What actually can you supply? What can you give humanity that can stand the test of time? What can you do to restore those who have lost hope in themselves and in God? What can you supply to your generation that could change lives? What are you using your gift for? As a minister of the gospel are you reaching the less privileged. What are you waiting  for?

God prepared everything you would need before He created you. He knew what you needed and supplied it. Stop looking for different jobs, look for different jobs to create and supply. You don’t need a pensionable job, you need a viable job. You are born for a reason. You are born to supply to the world the spiritual gifts in you. You are not meant to be a job seeker but a job supplier.

We can’t imagine all the things God wants us to start doing. We are meant to create our own work from what He created.

If you have ever dreamed divinely to supply food to the hungry start doing it now, if you had been instructed by God to supply homes for the homeless start building it, if you have a gift of healing and prophecy start supplying it to the service of the church and if you have all it takes to supply great medical assistance, scientific research, developmental studies and resourceful means to make an impact in any field you have chosen start supplying the solution. Never abandon your true motive.

When you supply answers to problems God will certainly answer your need.

Noah supplied the ship for his generation, Joseph supplied food for his brothers in times of famine, Moses supplied his strength, leadership qualities for the emancipation of Israel, Solomon supplied his wisdom and never fought a war in his reign, Joshua supplied his war skills and brought the Israelites into the promised land, Paul supplied an insight to christian living and spiritual authority, the three wise men supplied gifts to Jesus and Jesus supplied miracles, salvation and redemption to all who believe in Him.

Our generation is in need of you, never be a spectator be a participant. Never be less concerned. You have a whole lot of things to supply, it is in you. 

Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.

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