Are you possessed?

A lot of things ran through my mind the day somebody said to me harshly, ‘you are possessed’.

I thought for a while to know whether I did something wrong to earn such a derogatory statement from him but I found none. What led to this affirmative was that my spiritual life was not understandable to him. When I speak in tongues and praise God all through the night, he sees me like somebody being bewitched.

The question now is: ‘Am I possessed?’ Of course, I am. You that is reading this message is equally possessed. The point is that he used ‘possessed’ in a negative form but I chose to reverse it into the positive. To be frankly speaking I am possessed. Possessed of what? Possessed by the Holy Spirit.

It is either you are possessed by the Holy Spirit or you are possessed by a demon. You must be possessed of something.

Think about it.


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