Your ability covers your disability and liability.

Do you know why the works of the Apostles were called “Acts of the Apostles?”. They were called acts because that was what they were known for. It was what they did. The manner in which they carried out their spiritual abilities. A method so unique that there was no desirable title than to call it an act. They spoke with power that men wondered whether they were drunk (Acts 2:13).

When you display the ability God has given you people think you are becoming crazy. They think you are doing something bizarre.

Your physical and spiritual abilities make you look drunk. When you revolve the ability in you for a divine purpose you become an answered prayer to your generation. Your family, friends and mates may not believe in you. They will ridicule and mock you for harnessing your ability. That’s alright. That was what they did to the Apostles until they started manifesting their acts. It is high time you manifested your acts. How long will you be ignorant of it? How long will you dwell in your life of liability?

You have tried other means to prove you can create something out of life but they never worked. You didn’t cope in school because you were not grabbing the essentials of the course. Not that you don’t want to get educated, it’s just that it doesn’t sink. You tried in business, different jobs and careers but it didn’t work out. Why not try something else, stir up what is deposited in you. You don’t know your value until you dig inside. Gold and diamond are not on the surface of the earth, you have to dig beneath before you get them.

Now is the time to stir up the abilities in you. You know this ability deep in your heart. God has told you severally to manifest them but you threw caution to the wind. Your ability when set in motion removes every disability and liability in your life. Men will no longer remember your weakness because your acts will become facts to glorify God.

You have an ability that will make you an authority, discard every mediocrity that will make you a gullibility to failure.

Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.

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