Are you looking for a wife?

A lot of men are looking for Mrs right but some get it all wrong in their search methods. To find a wife is hard but to find a girl friend, lover, acquaintance or woman is very easy. Look at what the Scripture says:

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favour from the Lord” (Proverbs 18:22).

The question now is how do you find a wife? First of all, have it in mind that there is no perfect wife. There is no Mrs Right, we only have Mrs helper. There is nothing like love at first sight, because love is not determined by sight but by genuine intent.

Looking at the physique or natural endowments of a woman is deceptive. Look for the spiritual endowments. Don’t get me wrong. Marrying a beautiful wife is good but make sure the beauty of the inside is inclusive.

The Scriptures says when you find a wife you find a good thing. Meaning, the wife you are looking for is not the best at the moment. She is only good as the Scripture says, it is you that will make her better to become the best for you.

Looking for a wife is not just walking along the streets, train stations, parties or coming to church because you saw her in the choir group. Probably, she’s got an electrifying voice. Oops! You are just miscalculating. You have to know the real her.

Finding a wife involves praying. Marriage is a divine arrangement, so you must divinely seek it. If not, you are getting into the marriage because of your lust. I hope you know that when you are in lust means you are lost.

When you find a wife, favour is attached. When you find the wrong person disfavour is inevitable and what happens; break up, separation, divorce and heart break. A wife is a carrier of favour which opens opportunities for a man.

Remember, in finding a wife does not mean dating every tom, dick and harry. It does not mean proposing to any lady you see and breaking their hearts as an excuse that you are looking for the right partner. It involves abstaining from sexual immorality and walking according to the precepts of God, having the bed undefiled.

I know for sure that as a man you will be looking for certain qualities in a woman. That’s Ok but know that, all that glitters is not gold. There are hidden qualities and abilities that manifest in a woman only when married.

I may not be a marriage counsellor but I have the Spirit of God that teachings me all things. Before you get married as a man get ready to be patient with a woman. They initially don’t agree to your sweet voice, they like thinking over it again and again. You never can tell if they had broke up before.

God put Adam to sleep before taking his rib to create Eve. Before you settle down you have to go to sleep. Sleep means rest. It means you have to rest all barriers from your life that will hinder you from finding a good wife. Your rib is out there.

Good luck.

Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.

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