The power of a woman.

The power of a woman is not using her seductive powers to lure men into sex to get favour, position, fame or roles in return.

The power of a woman is not about using feminine manipulation to take over the husband of another woman, fighting for the wrong reasons or teaching wrong motives.

The power of a woman is not flaunting her physical endowments to deceive unsuspecting clients into prostitution and taking them through the road of destruction. I must say it is beyond that.

The power of a woman is understanding virginity before marriage like Mary the mother of Jesus (Matthew 1:23).

The power of a woman is using your position to save lives like Esther (Esther 8:5).

The power of a woman is being available for God to use you like Deborah the prophetess (Judges 4:4).

The power of a woman is being obedience to your husband even in barrenness like Sarah (Genesis 16:1) and having faith in herself to conceive (Hebrews 11:11).

The power of a woman is using your substance to do the work of God like Mary called Magdalene, Joanna, Herod’s steward and Susanna (Luke 8:2-3).

The power of a woman is acknowledging your weakness but using your strength to protect God’s people like Rahab the harlot who saved the spies by her kindness (Joshua 2:12).

The power of a woman is giving the little you have to save a soul like the woman of Zarephath did and was blessed in abundance (1 Kings 17:12). As a widow you still have something to offer.

The power of a woman is being virtuous at home, in the family, at work and in your nation (Proverbs 31:10-31). People call you blessed when they see your good works.

The power of a woman is to rise against laws that degrades womanhood like Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, , Milcah and Tirzah did to abolish the law of not allowing the daughters get the inheritance of their father (Numbers 27:1-11).

The power of a woman is using the good qualities you have to get other qualities you need to achieve what other women couldn’t achieve.

As a woman your power is in you. Use it wisely and God will see you through.

Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.

39 thoughts on “The power of a woman.”

  1. Nice post. Still, instead of achieving what other women can’t, I would say to achieve what is the best for personal growth and use the achievement for good purpose. A strong woman enjoys seeing people around her flourish, lift others and being a shoulder for them in times of need. Just my point.

    I loved the “standing for her rights” part. A strong woman knows how and when to be soft, as well as seeing when to impose her point of view.

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  2. What a great and impacting message. Thanks for sharing this most-needful message in our society of today.


  3. There are lots of things only a woman can do and it is certainly a specific power she has and can use in everybody’s favor. I personally think that being a woman is the best thing ever. I was never a supporter of feminism movement because it feels to me that in countries like Canada, the States, Europe where I am coming from women have plenty of rights and ways to express them completely. I believe the understanding of woman’s purpose comes from a family where is a strong, good, loving father and a caring mother. I have that. My mom is now 87 and she is so feminine, has such a great taste, has been always a great example and that is what made me always proud to be a woman.

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    1. Yes, you are right. Women are great beings.
      Your mum is 87, and still counting. Wow!! Old age is a blessing from God.
      Womanhood is very unique and interesting if used positively.
      Your mum really made you proud. Thumbs up for your mum.

      You are a super commentator.

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