Is your spouse cheating on you?

I have read countless of stories and experiences of people who are languishing in sorrow, pain, unforgiveness and hatred because their spouse cheated on them. The list is endless. In all these things I discovered something, the people who feel cheated don’t understand why they are cheated on and couldn’t find solution to the problem. They see it naturally and are blinded spiritually.
Now let me tell you why your spouse cheats on you.

* Your spouse cheats on you not because your spouse derives joy in doing it but because your spouse’s love has waxed cold (Matthew 24:12). The way your spouse sees you has diminished. The light of the love has dimmed completely.

* Your spouse cheats on you because your spouse is possessed by the spirit of sexual immorality. When such spirit possesses your spouse anybody is good for sex. Your spouse is controlled by lust like Samson (Judges 16:1).

* There is probability that your spouse is under a spell, charm or satanic influence. Someone can cast spell on your spouse to abandon you and go after them. You see your spouse as deliberately cheating on you but you never knew your spouse is influenced by powers beyond him.

* Your spouse cheated on you because you no longer satisfy your spouse sexually. Due to quarrels, job stress, lack of sexual urge towards your spouse can cause cheating. You give a lot of reasons why sex should wait for another time.

* Your spouse must have come from a family of cheats. The parents cheated on each other. The brothers and sisters cheated on their spouses. So, your spouse grew to emulate them thinking that cheating is fun.

* Your spouse cheated on you because there were strings of former relationships that were not properly disengaged. Your spouse still have affairs at your back even after marriage. Your spouse still prefer having sexual intimacies with them because your spouse’s mind is divided.

* Your spouse cheated on you because you no longer dress attractive. There is no longer sense of body check and communication. No intimacy and heart to heart talk. When your spouse tries to discuss sensitive matters you don’t tend to get it. Your spouse decides to get the fun outside.

* You always disrespect and disregard your spouse both in private and in public. You criticize your spouse in front of friends and family members. Before you know it, the secretary at the office becomes a companion and one thing will lead to another.

* Your spouse cheated on you because you left those things that kept the love alive, it faded away. No more gifts, surprises, spending holidays together, love words and mutual understanding. There was nothing interesting in the marriage anymore. Your spouse became tempted to look for satisfaction outside.

* Your spouse cheated on you because your marriage was not based on godly foundation. You people met in a night club or in all those ungodly parties, how do you think your spouse will not cheat on you? Your spouse believes you are equally cheating even when there is no evidence.

* You and your spouse are not spiritually inclined in God. Your spouse lacks the fear of God. You thought that over time your spouse will come over it but you were mistaken. You married your spouse out of sentiments.

* Your spouse cheated because there was no self control. Everyone is tempted by selfish desires but the ability not to fall into such temptation is by not dwelling on the thoughts for so long.

* Your spouse cheated on you because biologically your spouse has a high level of sexual hormones. It makes your spouse have sexual urge all the time and if not controlled makes your spouse cheat on you.

Your spouse is addicted to pornography and you cared less about it. Any time your spouse feels aroused by such negative visuals there is tendency to get satisfaction from outside. Pornography kills marriage.

I must say that these reasons I spoke about may be unlimited but no matter the reason there is no excuse to infidelity. When you cheat on your spouse your marriage is at risk.

The truth is that those who cheat are equally cheating themselves. Cheating affects both parties. When you cheat you attract demons to your marriage, why? A demon is behind every sexual promiscuity.

Probably you have cheated your spouse knowingly or unknowingly, it’s time to make amendments with God. Pray to God to give you the grace to be faithful in your marriage and in Him. God bless you.

Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.

27 thoughts on “Is your spouse cheating on you?”

  1. With so much temptation in the world, it’s no wonder why relationships suffer. If you want a happy and loving relationship, Jesus Christ needs to be in the center of it. He’s the only one that knows the desires of your heart, He understands and cares for you. So get saved and allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in you.

    May God comfort the broken hearted, and thank you Chilavert for another great post!

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    1. Before you can mend a broken relationship, first of all you have to know the reasons that brought about the break up.

      Before you mend your relationship, you have to know whether you broke up for good or for bad. If the person is meant for you, then, there should be reconciliation, if not, move on with your life. What I mean is that you have to pray for God to tell if you are meant for each other. Marriage is divine and should be sought divinely.

      If God told you your spouse is meant for you then make sure you mend it no matter the issues.

      You mend your relationship by correcting out those things that caused the break up.

      Remember both of you are not perfect, so don’t use your spouse’s weaknesses against your spouse.

      Work on yourself. There are certain things your spouse must have disliked about you but you refused to change. It made your spouse pissed off.

      Learn to forgive easily when your spouse offends you. Forgiving your spouse does not make you weak, it makes you strong.

      Don’t deny your spouse sex because of a quarrel or misunderstanding (I am talking of married couples not people who are just dating).

      Never allow quarrels to take too long to settle. It destroys relationships. It brings pride and unnecessary anger.

      Call your spouse, tell your spouse you are sorry for what happened no matter who is at fault.

      Don’t correct your spouse by shouting or criticisms but by careful explanations of how you don’t like what happened.

      Pray for your spouse always. Sometimes your spouse might misbehave on something you have always said you don’t like but don’t be surprise it is not always deliberate.

      Don’t ever call your spouse names like, ‘good for nothing’, ‘idiot’, bastard’, fool’. It is not good for a healthy relationship.

      Both of you should pray together, have fun together, plan together and take decisions together. Let there be mutual agreement on issues. Don’t force your opinion on your spouse.

      Dress well. Look cute. Your spouse gets attracted to you whenever you look adorable.

      Learn to be calm whenever your spouse is angry about something. Don’t pour out your anger at the same time. Whenever your spouse is calm, approach your spouse and discuss the issues with wisdom.

      Always tell your spouse how much you love and cherish your spouse. Words like, ‘I miss you’, ‘you are the best honey, ‘you look so beautiful’, and so on. Please, don’t flatter your spouse.

      If possible go for marriage counseling or you can write me anytime and I will certainly reply you by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

      For a distant spouse who gets emotionally involved with other ladies (1) Probably your absence is the cause (2) Your spouse lacks self control (3) Your job does not allow you to visit your spouse regularly.

      I am not saying those reasons should make your spouse to be promiscuous but it can cause such problems. What your spouse needs is fervent prayer. Pray that God should change the situation.

      I wish you the very best. God bless you.


      1. Sir , I think you have written me personally i did not ask for myself ,In general when you wrote about relationships I suggested there are many facet to discuss is thanks for the reply ..take care ..


          1. You know sir God life is full of trails and tribulation so we can be tested in any way may be by the most we love or fear of loosing someone or fear of getting alone many things and you post reality ..great job


  2. Great that someone still valuables marriage! People give up too easily these days and the reason to cheat is usually that your spouse don’t value or understand you anymore. Do people think it gives you the right to cheat? No. There is no excuses and I think both are as much guilty if couples connection is lost. You can’t only blame your spouse! He/ she probably feels the same about you! Cheating is not the solution!


  3. wonderful post! There are so many hurting people because of unfaithfulness in a marriage. If only more would see the need to let Christ’s love fill them and their marriage.

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