The website, social media, internet were all written in the Scripture.

There is nothing lacking in the Scriptures, it all depends on your high level of interpretation by the Spirit. There are certain things we read and it sounds like a story, tale or history but deep behind the lines lies a great revelation that only takes meditation and understanding to comprehend.

Have you for once had a deep thought about the social media, internet, website or other forms of media in which the world is connected to, either from the phone or laptop? You can virtually do everything in one piece so far as you have data or Wifi. Yes, someone will quickly tell me it is the jet age or computer age or it’s a high-tech generation full of inventions and technology. I agree. My question is: “have you looked beyond it?”

The book of Isaiah 59:5-6 says, “They hatch vipers’ eggs and weave the spider’s web; he who eats of their eggs dies, and from that which is crushed a viper breaks out.

6. Their webs will not become garments, nor will they cover themselves with their works; their works are works of iniquity, and the act of violence is in their hands”.

Prophet Isaiah was saying that man weaves the spider’s web and hatches the viper’s egg which naturally is not possible. It is only the spider that produces the web through its secretion. Secondly, verse 6 says the web will not be like garment. Then what will it be like? I will tell you. It is simply talking about the website which brought about the social media.

Have you discovered why the web is called www – worldwide web and how it was invented? The scientists took the idea from the spider’s web. Watch the spider making a web. The poor silly animal takes a great deal of pain going round and round, connecting and building the web. When all is done, it is weak insignificant thing, a reproach to the place where it is and swept away in an instant. The web is only built just to catch a prey – the ignorance of men. The spider stays at the middle waiting for a prey. That is where we are – at the middle of the world. Just a click brings people closer to us than we think. The same way people click to watch pornography, nude pictures, violence, fill online forms to join Satanist organizations, read ungodly messages, listen to ungodly songs and learn worldly ways of doing things. The devil is using the social media to lure people to hell. Such are the thoughts which worldly men entertain themselves with, building castles in the air, pleasing themselves with imaginary satisfaction like the spider which takes hold with her hands very finely (Proverbs 30:28) but cannot keep her hold.

I’m not saying the social media is not a good invention but behind it lies a great trap to those who maximize it negatively to their detriment. The social media is a tool in the hands of the enemy. Be careful what you do with it. How much time do you consume on social media? How much time do you commit to God?

The web is designed for a prey. Don’t be the prey, be the web that connects people to salvation. Shalom.

Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.

62 thoughts on “The website, social media, internet were all written in the Scripture.”

  1. I have to re-read this again. Thank God we are parts of the people that fill the web with positively impacting contents.

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  2. Well, thanks for the perspective. Not only the internet, there are traps everywhere for the believer. But we have to walk circumspectly. And like Apostle Paul advised, we should put on the whole thing armour of God so that we can overcome the wiles of the enemy.

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  3. Hello. With God, there is nothing new. We as creatures in this world are much different. We have to learn some things. The internet is very tricky and we all should use it for our advantage. Take care now.

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  4. Amen. It is shocking and saddening to me the state of this world today. The internet and/or social media can do so much good – reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ who otherwise may not be exposed to it. But to see how the enemy perverts everything he can, how he traps men into believing these tragic lies, it breaks my heart. I pray for the restoration of people’s minds, their families, their hearts.

    God bless you for using this platform to reach people with the heart of God. May you and yours be blessed.

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  5. God Bless you Pastor, thank you for sharing. I Strongly Agree!! We must be very aware as was spoken in Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not aginst flesh and blood, but against preincipalities, aginst powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world agianst spiritural wickedness in high places.

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  6. There is nothing new under the face of the sun and I personally believe that the internet technology existed before the flood. The book: :Harm Not The Oil And Wine” also correlate the prophesy of John in the book of Revelation with the internet. The link to the book is below. You are right on target with the link between the spider’s web and the internet. It is also linked to the number 666 as noted in the book:

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  7. I remember when we first got the internet in our home. I was so excited about all the information I could have access to. I love having information available and getting answers to questions. But my next thought was “if I can reach out, what can reach into my home? Good, thought-provoking post!

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  8. The internet is neutral, like money. It can be used for good or evil. Food is good, but in the hands of the enemy it can become an unhealthy obsession, an idol. Many things can be used for good or evil. What’s scary about the web is that it’s so far-reaching. One evil post can reach millions of souls. But then one good post, in the hands of God, can bring millions closer to Him. The internet is a great resource, right at our fingertips – keep using it for Him! 🙂

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  9. The internet is just a resource, but there is definitely a human weakness to be ensnared by carnal desires, whether lust or gossip. I approach internet usage with deliberate intentions to prevent abuse.

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