Change your boiling point into your turning point.

I remember when I was in the high school learning sciences. I was made to understand that water boils at one hundred degrees centigrade. Meaning, water cannot boil except it gets to hundred degrees. For you to use the hot water effectively it must be allowed to boil to such degree. It turns out to be a natural phenomena.

If you want to have a positive change in your life then get ready to turn your boiling point into your turning point. Change is evidence of life. It is impossible to grow without change. The truth is, life is always having boiling points – challenges, troubles, ups and downs, struggles and unforseen circumstances. The ability to change these boiling points into turning points makes you superordinary.

Job 14:14 says, “If a man dies can he live again? All the days of my hard service I will wait, till my change comes”.

There are days of hard service, days when things get out of hand, times when it seems your life is crumbling, weeks when you had heartbreaks of your spouse dumping you for another person, months when your children hated you for no just reason, years when you were never rewarded for your diligence at work, days when you hardly trust no one because your most trusted friend gave you the shock of your life, uncountable times when you tried to stop that life of drunkeness, controlling your excessive anger and living ungodly. These are your boiling points. You must change them into your turning points, without it you cannot get to your sailing points.

Change is coming your way. Change. Does this word scare or inspire you. People want progress but they don’t want to pass through the boiling times. You must recognize that change is your greatest ally. The person who never changes his opinion, never corrects his mistakes, never tries to accept the reality of life is only a tourist in a dreamland. The fact is, the road to success is always under construction. Don’t end up like concrete, all mixed up and permanently set.

You cannot become what you are destined to be by remaining what you are. Do not fear change; it is the unchangeable law of increase.

Everything you are experiencing is just for a while, it will fizzle out. Remember, He that sits on His throne neither sleeps nor slumber.

Never fall at your point of your deliverance. You never can tell when God will show up.



When was the last time someone said to you “You’re different!” I believe that you and I are supposed to stand out, not blend in.

Consider what 1 Peter 2:9 says, “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light”.

What a powerful affirmation of who you are. Chosen for good, royal in all ramifications, unique personality, wonderful in nature and awesome in appearance, specially made, called to proclaim praises to God. Hmmm! I think I love this bible verse, it makes me rejuvenated and filled, what do you think?

What are you waiting for? Brace up to your expectations. You’re not a carbon copy nor are you a resemblance of anything living or dead. You’re a masterpiece, a masterclass, a mastermind of great value.

Never allow anyone to downsize or downgrade you, belittle you or make you feel less important. Abandon that inferiority complex and wear the garment of an unlimited being.

Dare to be what you are. Think about it: Aren’t most of the discontented people you know trying to be something they are not or trying to do something they are not supposed to do? Resolve to be yourself.

Most people live their entire lives as complete strangers to themselves. Don’t let that happen to you. The easiest thing to be in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don’t let them put you in that position. The opposite of courage is not fear. It’s conformity. The most exhausting and frustrating thing in life is to live it trying to be someone else.

My mother said to me, “If you become a soldier you will become a general, if you become a monk you will end up as a pope”. So, I became a pastor and transformed as an international preacher of the gospel. You can’t become great by imitation. Imitation is limitation. Don’t be a copy of something. Make your own impression.

Even if you want to imitate, imitate Jesus. Shalom.

Stop waiting, you are wasting.

It is not wrong to wait for something or wait on God but you will be wasting if you don’t know that the waiting is over and it is time to take action. The truth is; there is no right time, the right time is now. It is not every time you pray that requires waiting because sometimes the answers come instantly and what you need do is to be sensitive to it.

Look at what happened to a certain man at the pool of Bethesda who wasted thirty-eight years waiting for the angel to stir the water before he would be healed while his miracle was under his nose.

John 5:3-4 says, (3) In these lay a great multitude of sick people, blind, lame, paralyzed, waiting for the movement of the water (4) For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well of whatever disease he had”.

What a horrible situation! Thousands of sick people waiting for a certain time to get healed and one person was to be healed. Isn’t that serious?

Now Jesus came to the scene, He never waited for the angel to stir the water, He healed him immediately and left. The man was the only person healed, why? I thought Jesus would heal more people but He withdrew from the multitude (John 5:13). I will tell you the reason.

The reason is that none of them believed they could stir the water by faith and get healed. They never acted or believed there would be a way out except the angel appears. They were all blind, lame and paralyzed spiritually. Your miracle is by your side but you are too afraid to stir it up. You are waiting for someone or the right time to receive the answers to your prayers instead of possessing it.

The man that was healed never knew Jesus or heard of him. Jesus healed him to stir up the faith of others as the angel did but they were spiritually blind to understand the things of the spirit. Stop wasting your time waiting for a great opportunity, the opportunity is right at your door step, right under your nose. Your prayer has been answered but your mind is too clouded, unsettled and unstable to concentrate and see it.

What have you been waiting for? What have you been believing to happen in your life? What have you prayed to achieve? Don’t be surprised that God had answered you but the problem is you failed to focus.

Stop waiting, stop wasting, stop guessing, stop digressing and start progressing.

You are too quiet for my liking.

The year has started running. The year is not waiting for anybody and before the twinkle of an eye the year will come to an end. You’re still waiting for the right time to act. Let me tell you plainly, you are too quiet for my liking.

You don’t just sit down there and think everything will go as you think. No, it doesn’t work that way. Get out from your slumber and hit the streets, hit the business world, hit your energy into your greater ministry, hit the cities and announce yourself, hit the regions of the earth and announce your thoughts, proposal, scientific research, your generational ideas, hit the automobile world with your initiative, marketing skills, medical opinions, your art, your football talent, your writing skills, your ability to transform minds through training, hit the crusades and teach this gospel like never before, hit the political world and announce your intentions to be elected, hit the education sector and showcase your research methods, hit the economy sector and prove your economic theory, hit the building sector with your architectural designs. Speak out your mind to those you believe can listen to you. You can’t be quiet and think you will overcome. Let me shock you with the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 11:12, it says:

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force”.

Did you hear that!! You’re living in your days, no longer in the days of John the Baptist. The kingdom of heaven is within you according to Luke 17:21. Replicate what happens in heaven by taking your destiny violently and by force.

The word force and violence doesn’t mean fighting or being destructive in nature; it means being radical, unstoppable, determined, having an unquenchable fire in your spirit to dominate your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Jesus knew the secret of taking control using spiritual force. You now pray quietly, sing to God quietly, dance for God quietly, preach quietly, confront deadly issues quietly. You’re now cold to situations of life. I am not saying you don’t need a quiet spirit but being quiet spiritually is a sign of defeat. I implore you to abandon this what will be will be spirit and project yourself into a more formidable approach to be victorious no matter the cost. Your time is already ticking.

Quiet people live a quiet life and they leave the earth quietly but forceful people live a forceful life and they leave the earth with their kingdom. You got to choose one of them.

Have you read the book God wrote about you?

A lot of people think they are just existing. They think life is just a journey. Do you know that before you were born there was a script written concerning your life on earth? You are meant to act based on what the Scriptwriter has written. Unfortunately, most people had abandoned their original script and decided to act on the script of somebody else. The original script is your purpose on earth and the Scriptwriter is God. David discovered this secret and wrote in Psalms 40:7,

Then I said, ” Behold I come; In the scroll of the Book it is written of me”.

There is a book that is written of you. The book contains what you will become, what you will pass through, what you will achieve, your challenges, your wilderness experience, your glory, your purpose and what you are born to do for God.

The problem is that you abandoned your book and you are busy reading and acting on another person’s lines. That is why you are finding it difficult to fit in. Don’t wish to be another person, be yourself. You chose to practice medicine while the script says you have to be pastoring in the house of God. You decided to work in the company while your script says you have to build a place to take care of the less privileged. The chapters of your book demand that you live in prosperity but you thought you could enrich yourself by gambling, unfortunately you found yourself in abject poverty. 

You are frustrated because you don’t know the purpose of your life. You have tried a whole lot of things just to make a meaning out of life, the more you try, the more it gets worse. Why? You are not working and living according to the divine book written for you.

This world is controlled by books. We have the Book of life (Revelation 20:15). The book of the law (Joshua 8:34). The book of the living (Psalms 69:28). Book of the wars of the Lord (Numbers 21:14). The book of the covenant (Exodus 24:7). The book of remembrance (Malachi 3:16). Even the Bible you are reading is enshrined in a book.

Where is the book written for you? Look for it. Search every page in it. Read word to word. Study it with diligence and you will realize how long you have derailed. In your book you are born to rule, born to win, born to prosper, born to make a difference, born to do the impossible, born to achieve, born to be at the top and born unto salvation.

Your book is how you look. Look for your book and book for your destiny.

18 things you must do in 2018 for 18 reasons.

It’s a new year and I know you must have written a list of what you want to achieve this year. There is nothing wrong with that but something will certainly go wrong if you approach this year with the same way you approached last year. For you to achieve this year you have to change your ideology. I will tell you 18 things you must do to succeed. 

1.  Don’t depend on your new year resolutions, depend on the resolutions of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14).

2.  Never engage in business or career because of the trust you have for your friends, relations or associates. Engage in it by wisdom and understand every step to take (Proverbs 4:7).

3.  Don’t waste your time on people who don’t believe in you because their unbelief will bring hindrance to you. As Jesus never did mighty works in Nazareth because of their unbelief (Matthew 13:58).

4.  Separate yourself from those who are perverse, they are obstacles to your destiny (Proverbs 21:8).

5.  Give to the poor, less privileged, motherless babies, charity homes. By so doing God will give you what you lack (Proverbs 21:13).

6.  In times of trouble stop calling everybody. Call heaven. Call God (Jeremiah 33:3).

7.  Subject yourself to a Spiritual father, mentor, trainer or achiever as Joshua submitted to Moses and got to the promised land. Don’t think you know it all (Deuteronomy 34:9).

8.  Pray for your friends. It was when Job prayed for his friends that God blessed him (Job 42:10).

9.  Sow a seed of faith for the new year. You lack because you don’t sow into the season of life (Ecclesiastics 11:6)

10.  As much as people may hurt you, live in peace with all men. The spirit of peace makes a man honorable (Romans 12:18).

11.  Help others to achieve their dreams so will your dreams be achieved. Joseph interpreted the dream of Pharaoh and Joseph fulfilled his destiny (Genesis 41:37-45).

12.  Do not neglect the gift that is in you. Manifest it, develop it, sharpen it. Your gift is your lift (1 Timothy 4:14)

13.  Forget your failures, disappointments and setbacks. Press on and never give up or give in (Philippians 3:13).

14.  Read great books of great men. Books of achievers. Study their consistency and boldness, study the Scripture (2 Timothy 2:15).

15.  Never underestimate the power of imagination. No matter how big your idea or vision is don’t allow it to intimidate you (Genesis 13:14).

16.  Create a group of mastermind alliance. Work with those who have the same vision with you as Jesus had alliance with His disciples to achieve His mission (Matthew 10:1-4).

17.  Pray in tongues, pray in the Holy Spirit, pray without ceasing. A closed mouth is a closed destiny (Jude 1:20).

18.  The last but not the least; fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man (Ecclesiastics 12:13).

Apply these 18 principles and get 18 results that will change the next 18 years of your life.

Things about Christmas you don’t know.

Christmas has come and gone, I know some people are still basking in its euphoria. Some celebrated it religiously, some celebrated it by buying gifts, Christmas trees, visiting friends, having fun, some took it as a time for sober reflection, some have no business with Christmas, some attended church service on that day for the first time this year while some decided not to notice whether Christmas occurred or not. That’s OK but there are things you don’t actually know about Christmas.

Matthew 2:2 says, “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him”.

How and why did the wise men travel a long distance with so much assurance of Jesus’ birth? It is because the wise men were sure of what they came for, they knew He is the King of the Jews, they came to worship Him. They knew Him by revelation and never doubted themselves. Even when they were unbelievers they knew what the believers never knew. Christmas means a time to be sure of who you are in Christ, a time to know Him and a time to worship Him by revelational knowledge.

The question is: how did they all know these things? The wise men are from Arabia and Arabians understand times and season like the sons of Issachar. I will show you. The wise men came from Arabia, Herod who wanted Jesus dead is from Arabia, the chief priests and scribes who Herod inquired of Jesus in Matthew 2:4 were from Arabia, Egypt as a nation which was where they took Jesus to migrated from Arabia, Balaam who prophesied about the Star of Jesus in Numbers 24:17 is from Arabia. Arabians are great scholars, they study books. Christmas means understanding the times and season of Christian life by studying the Scripture.

How did the wise men know what gifts to bring which was symbolic to Jesus’ life on earth? Gold means Jesus was rich from birth; meaning Jesus was a millionaire from birth. Gold was expensive as of that time. Frankincense means Jesus has a good smell of salvation. Myrrh means embalming Him with greatness even when His death wasn’t near. I want to let you know that the wise men were rich men who understood by prophetic studies that a gift makes a way for a man and brings him before great men (Proverbs 18:16). The Arab nation is very rich till today. Christmas means being rich and a time to show what you symbolize in Christ.

Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem? Bethlehem means house of bread. It means He was born into His mandate. Jesus is the Bread of life (John 6:33,35,48). He knows where the bread is and came to share it to us. The Spiritual Bread manifested in Him. Christmas means knowing the good Bread to eat. If you eat the wrong bread you lose eternal life.

Innocent babies were killed by Herod just because of Jesus, why? Before salvation will come somebody need to pay the price. Innocent blood were shed for an Innocent Blood of Jesus to live. Just like the apostles paid with their blood for the word of God to spread. Just like the blood of babies that was shed when Moses was born (Exodus 1:22). Christmas means understanding the Blood that was shed for you and for many (Matthew 26:28).

If you have celebrated Christmas without knowledge, then, I think you should celebrate it again with all sense of urgency and truth. Shalom.