Never allow your background to put your back on the ground.

There was a time in my life I felt the entire world was working against me. A time when I was abandoned and forsaken. I couldn’t afford a square meal let alone eat good food. I went hungry for weeks, months, without hope of a good life. I begged to eat, bought things on credit and when I couldn’t pay I loose my integrity. That was when I realised that poverty was not just a problem but a death sentence.

I became ‘Oliver Twist’ written by Charles Dickens. There was nothing to show for. My close friends deserted me due to my incessant demands. My colleagues stopped communicating because I had nothing to offer. I roamed down the streets, trekking long distances for any kind of job but to no avail. There was none to run to. I was living in a leaking room, wearing the same shirt and trousers all over again. My health deteriorated and I lost my sense of value.

I was mocked, nobody believed in me, nobody expected anything from me. I ran to some people for help but they gave me excuses that is capable of making me question God. I felt pain, agony and discouragement. A lot of thoughts went through my mind, temptations came like the rivers of Babylon and my spirit couldn’t control me. I had negative options flashing my mind, then one day something happened.

I looked through the window and it was dark and I heard a voice say to me, ‘the darkness will soon give way for the daylight to come’.

That night I went to God in prayer. I told God, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’.

I asked the Holy Spirit to give me an idea that will change my life. That same night I couldn’t sleep because I was expecting an answer. Before morning the Holy Spirit gave me an idea.

The next day I started working on the idea and to my greatest surprise I got a contact who started working with me. Within a month I began to get alerts on my bank account. What happened? A sound idea was all I needed. Today my story has changed.

Your background is not the reason your back should be on the ground, it is not the reason you have to go underground.

There is something you have not done. You have tried the rest. You have tried other means. You have tried options. I want you to try something. Try God.


Alter the altar.

Before you were born, before your dad met your mum. There are things that went wrong without your knowledge till now. There are wrong foundations laid by our fathers that were so detrimental. They made reckless sacrifices that are now facing us in this generation. If you don’t take your time to uproot their monumental errors they are bound to hunt you.

Ezekiel 6:4 says, ‘Then your altars shall be desolate, your incense altars shall be broken, and I will cast down your slain men before your idols’.

God was telling prophet Ezekiel how He was going to punish the Israelites for raising satanic altars instead of His own altar. The punishment goes beyond the generation that brought the judgement.

There are altars that is speaking against you but you don’t know. There are altars your enemy has set up to destroy you. People go as far as sacrificing human blood to their gods to eliminate you or disrupt your destiny. Some people knew what you will become in life and raised a negative altar to destroy anything you lay your hands to do.

You have to alter the altar that is speaking against you. If not their altar will continue to monitor and make your life miserable.

A lot of people think they have no battle to fight. They think everything they see or experience is normal. How come in a family there is always sudden death. Others experience abject poverty, some have generational sickness, some nothing good comes out of them, some are into drug addiction problems, some facing jail terms now and then, while some suffer oppression, rejection, getting sacked all the time, miscarriage, marital problems, barrenness, strange reoccurrences and fatal accidents. You know most of these things but you believe is normal or mere coincidence. Sit down and go through your family history and you will be shocked at your discovery. The devil is just playing a fast one on you if you are still ignorant of it.

Get down on your knees and begin to silence every devilish altar that is speaking against your life, destiny, family, marriage and career. You have to pray until the altar is altered. If you don’t pray you become a prey.

Victory is yours in Jesus name. Amen.

Make a move or become a movie.

A lot of people don’t make a move. They like waiting for the right time as if there is a time-piece that ticks on the right time. The last time I checked the clock says, ‘tick-tock’ and not, ‘right-tock’.

Right from the beginning of this year you set goals for yourself, so what have you done so far?

You planned to launch your book, release your album, produce your art work, build your own empire, take your academics to the next level, start your ministry, promote your talent on television and radio stations, get funds for your project, plant churches, create more time for God, create more avenues for income, compile your poems, get a visa to attend that conference, gather your supporters for next election, own a magazine company, enhance your knowledge in journalism, settle down in marriage, produce your movie, get connections on how to turn around your business or career. So, what happened? Absolutely nothing!! Why? PROCRASTINATION !!!

If you don’t make a move you become a movie. To make a move is to action. To become a movie is to be watching and not taking a bold step.

Delay is not only dangerous, it is a destiny killer. Get up, sit up, rise up and go up. Start making calls on the goal, get information, surf the internet, read books on it, get someone who can help out, write proposals, go for more training. I mean now not tomorrow.

What if ……

Sometimes when I wake up from sleep I ask myself, what if ?

I slept through the night not knowing what was happening around me, what if ?

When you go deep into your dreams without opening your eyes, what if ?

For long hours in your sleep you aren’t aware of anything, what if ?

I never can tell the second between falling asleep and being awake, what if ?

You dozed off yesterday only to see yourself in bed, what if ?

After all the hustling, ranting and expectations that made you fall asleep, what if ?

You did set the alarm for early morning, what if ?

What if you never woke up? What if yesterday was your last day on earth? What if you thought you would see another day only to face death? What if somebody came banging on the door to wake you for work only to see you breathless? What if your days of mercy just ended? What if you were not saved?

Life is unpredictable. You cannot determine the next second. You are not a superman as we watch in movies, don’t be fooled by the theories of reincarnation. We are mere mortals walking in the womb of time.


Are you singing or sinking?

Everybody sings these days. It doesn’t matter what you are singing for or singing about. Some sing in parties, churches, occasions, public and private activities. Some are signed into a record label while some just sing for singing sake.

I have sat down to scrutinize a lot of songs and discovered two things; either they are love songs or hate songs. The airwaves are always looking for hit songs to play or promote but I have to pinpoint something you had never imagined.

Do you know that most songs you listen and dance to are worldly? The lyrics are full of f*** words, immoral raps, crude sentences and ungodly intentions. The so called ‘believers in Christ’ listen and sing these hellish songs. It amuses me when I go to a corporate function where I am invited, instead of a spirit-filled song they prefer a song that would make you fling yourself into the centre and go gaga as if going nuts. Throwing caution to the wind, kicking and shouting like drunkards.

The inspiration from most of all these songs are from the pit of hell. The dance steps are like the way demons dance when tormenting their captives. How can a musician be singing a song that doesn’t inspire except how to hate, feeling proud of his gold and diamond necklace, sexual escapades, kill, steal and destroy and I will sit down to be entertained? No, it’s not possible.

Singing christian songs doesn’t make you right before God. I have seen countless unbelievers singing godly songs just to make money, so spare me that. The day you begin to sing worldly songs, you begin to sink. You are actually giving glory to the devil. The devil was the choir master in heaven before he was thrown to earth. He knows how to lure your mind into lustful things. The devil wants you to praise him rather than to praise God.

Do you know there are songs when aired releases demons in the atmosphere? Those songs are not ordinary but to you they are not harmful. When you sing those songs the demons begin to minister to you. I pray that your eyes be opened spiritually. Do you know that your heart could be corrupted by mere miming immoral songs?

I remember a case of a lady who featured in a movie as a marine goddess. After shooting the movie the marine spirit possessed her. When I preach these things people think it’s a joke. Ignorance is actually a disease.

Psalm 96:1 says, “Oh, sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth”.

If you cannot sing for God then who else. Is your CDs, downloaded songs, television channels full of amoral and ungodly songs? Start deleting them immediately. After watching those music videos, sometimes you have nightmares. You are heading for destruction.

The songs you sing and listen to shapes your spirit for good or for bad. I pray you see through the eyes of the Spirit and sing to the glory of God.

Raise God a praise.

In and out of my breathe, I can’t imagine His breadth.

When I lay down to sleep, He never allowed me to slip.

As I walked through the shadows of death, He makes me clean by removing the dirt.

When I encounter trouble, His blessings were double.

Through the wilderness, I saw His awesomeness.

Wherever I go to minister, He sends His angels to administer.

I will always sing a song of gratitude, because His mercy is in magnitude.

Every second I give offering, for He has ended my suffering.

He has shown me compassion all my days, that is why I call Him Ancient of days.

When I say, I am sorry, He says I shouldn’t worry.

In my days of adversity, He sent me prosperity.

I will forever be grateful, because He has been faithful.

Even in my weakness, He showed me His mightiness.

Any time I worship, He proves His Lordship.

I am more than a conqueror, because He is my Emperor.

When I adore Him at night, He manifests in His might.

I am shining so bright, for He has made everything right.

He called me by my name, and I believe in His name.

He made me what I am, because He is I am, I am.

I never deserved His salvation, that is why I always give Him a standing ovation.

He is called Begotten, that is why I am not forgotten.

Everything He gave me came from on high, no wonder He is the Most High.

I pray as I run the race of eternity, may I never be absent in entirety.

He dwells in the praise of His people, and I will raise a praise from all His people.


Embrace grace, brace up.

Take a look at what happened at the pool of Bethesda.

John 5:2-3 narrates, “Now there is in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate a pool, which is called in Hebrew, Bethesda, having five porches.

In these lay a great multitude of sick people, blind, lame, paralyzed, waiting for the moving of the water”.

What do you think? There was no certainty of the number of people who were waiting for healing. They were uncountable. They were all waiting for the angel to stir the water. Not only that, one person would be healed if the person steps in first. What a horrible situation. It implies that a lot of them must have died without healing.

Now look at the irony of the whole story. Jesus came into the scene. What crossed my mind when I read this chapter was that Jesus as a great Healer would have mercy on all of them and heal them. I asked myself, ‘why did Jesus heal one person out of the great multitude?’. The Scripture noted that after Jesus healed him He withdrew from the crowd. Others were left without a solution.

Bethesda means ‘house of mercy’, yet only one person was shown mercy. The only reason Jesus extended his healing power on the man with infirmity was that grace and mercy located him. He was not righteous than the rest. His case was not worst of all. His infirmity lasted for thirty eight years does not mean other people’s cases were lesser. What happened in a nutshell was that the hand of grace pulled him. He was restored and was asked to sin no more. Instead of judgement he got mercy.

Romans 9:14-16, “What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? Certainly not! For He says to Moses, ” I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whomever I will have compassion”. So then it is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy.”

I declare upon your life today that the grace and mercy of God will locate you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Remain blessed.