Christianity is not fanfare, it is warfare.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).

Christianity is not jamboree. It is a battle that began before you were born. Christianity is not a religion, it is a movement ordained by God to equip those who believe in Him to fight the fight of faith and destroy the works of the devil.

As a believer you are wrestling against forces, against wickedness, satanic powers that won’t let you be to deny you salvation. Against rise and fall, poverty, sickness, sudden death, calamity, depression, sorrow and so on. So, for you to be what God wants you to be you have to go to war. The devil had initiated a war. Now you have to attack. Attack is the best form of defence. For you to survive in this wicked world you need understanding.

Take the armor of God: stand on the truth, live a righteous life, preach the gospel of peace, have faith, make sure your salvation is intact, you have to be filled by the word of God, praying always in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:13-20).

How can you fight this war when you pray only for fifteen minutes and get tired? You only pray when you are less busy? You fast for three hours and quit? You can’t wake at midnight and worship God. You can’t read at least one chapter of the Bible a day? You console yourself by saying God will understand. You sleep from evening till the next morning but forgot that the enemy do not sleep. The devil weakens you spiritually so that when he strikes you wont have a hiding place. You find it difficult to attend services, fellowship or christian crusades but you find it very easy to wake early for work and make sure you don’t get fired.

You forgot God is watching every move you make. You think everyone is happy for you. You think you have the whole time to act like nothing is happening. The truth is that in the realm of the Spirit your destiny has been decided by the way you live on earth.

Wake up from your slumber, you have slept enough. Your spiritual life is unsteady. Get up for God and for yourself and fight this battle. I am waiting for you at the victory arena.


You cannot vote Him in, you cannot vote Him out.

I serve a God that is better than the best,

He is greater than the greatest,

He is stronger than the strongest,

He is higher than the highest,

He is later than the latest,

He is mightier than the mightiest,

He is faster than the fastest,

He is taller than the tallest,

He is fitter than the fittest,

He is neater than the neatest,

He is fairer than the fairest,

He is sweeter than the sweetest,

He is surer than the surest,

He is bigger than the biggest.


Get your pen and paper.

Maybe some years back you had ideas of what to be. Yes, you still have your imagination not written but they are in your head.

Anything that is not written does not exist – that’s the truth.

Along the line you got bored and abandoned it having the confidence that someday you will bounce back to it. No, you are wrong. Get started now, the best time for it, is NOW. The problem is not the idea, the problem is your writing attitude towards the idea because your writing attitude determines your writing altitude. Have you dreamt of owning a multibillion dollar company? Have you dreamt of owning a football team? Do you want to write that ever-thrilling book – a science book, a novel, an inspirational devotion? Do you imagine yourself running a first class hospital for children? Have you slept one day only to imagine yourself setting up a marketing company? Do you have great messages you need to post in your blog but you choose to do it when you are less busy? You will forget them soon. Inspirations are written not stuffed in the brain.

It’s time to take a cold shower, refresh, take a paper and pen and start writing those ideas down because as you are reading this post they are flowing and you can’t afford to loose them, put it down.

Your dream has just started now. Experience has thought me that everything in life starts with a pen and paper. God said to prophet Habakkuk, in Habakkuk 2:2,

“….. write the vision and make it plain on tablets”.

God knows the importance of putting things on a written form – a plain paper. Have you asked yourself why God upon all His power and wonderful nature made the Bible to be written? It is called the “Book of reference” to all generations born and unborn.

Even when Jesus was tempted after fasting for a long time, He rebuked the devil with a starting note “It is written” (Matthew 4:4). The devil left him because there was a prove, a document, a blue print of what He was quoting – the Word of God.

What have you been trying to achieve? What have you dreamt of? What vision has God shown you? Write them down. Even the book of revelation was written, if not, you and I wouldn’t have laid our hands on it.

Get your pen and paper and start writing. Write down your future if you want to feature in it.

If there is menopause, there is menostart.

I believe you have a DVD player and I believe it has pause, play or start. You press or remote it depending on what you want at the moment. So is life. If technology knows the importance of such functions then God is a Higher Tech.

Genesis 17:17 says, ‘Then Abraham fell on his face and laughed, and said in his heart, “Shall a child be born to a man who is one hundred years old? And Sarah , who is ninety years old, bear a child?”

Genesis 18:12, ‘Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, “After I have grown old, shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also?”

Is it not interesting that both Abraham and Sarah laughed when they were told of Isaac. They laughed because of unbelief but God gave them Isaac because of His promise. Isaac means laughter.

God knew about the menopause in Sarah and decided to initiate the menostart. Anything that has a pause has a start.

What has entered menopause in your life? Is your destiny on menopause? Is your spiritual life on menopause? What of your business, plans, aspirations and purpose of your life?

In God’s hands is menopause and menostart. Choose one.

Every natural sequence is controlled by the spiritual sequence.

Every pause in the physical has a start in the spiritual.

Ignite the power of menostart. Never pause your destiny, your good works, your relationship with God, your marriage, your prayer life, your ambition and your purpose on earth.

You are meant to start and not pause. What has God laid in your heart to start but you paused for a long time. He keeps on reminding you but you chose to ignore it. The truth is you can’t have rest until you menostart it.

Menostart it now. Have a menostart day.

You are too surrounded to surrender.

You pray but your eyes are not opened spiritually. You pray but never believe you are covered. You pray but think God is out there and He is not watching. You think God is too busy to attend to you. Your are wrong. How can you pray and still be a prey? Why should you be overwhelmed by that mountain when you are standing on Mount Zion?

And Elisha prayed, and said, “Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw. And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.” (2 Kings 6:17)

When the king of Syria sent his great army to surround the city were Elisha was dwelling. The servant of Elisha was afraid. He must have said his last prayers and waited for the worse but when his eyes were opened he saw horses and chariots surrounding them, he knew that the battle was of the Lord.

Why should you be afraid of those who gather against you? Why are you so terrified by those assassination threats? Why are you horrified by the plans of the wicked? Why are you afraid of the economic meltdown? Why are you troubled because of the doctor’s report? Why do fear to take a bold step to achieve the impossible? Why shedding tears because of that situation which you refused to share with anybody? Why are you so naive to know that YOU ARE TOO SURROUNDED TO SURRENDER.

You are surrounded by an invisible force, an army that God has sent to fight your battle. You are too scared to notice them. Don’t give a damn of the evil you see. Don’t succumb to the challenges of life. I bet you, God’s angels are on assignment to take charge over you. He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.

You are too connected to be affected. Believe me.

I am too blessed up to be stressed up.

This morning I woke up; because God never broke up.

I didn’t give up; so He didn’t hang up.

My hands were lifted up; for His mercy didn’t dry up.

I decided to look up; and discovered He was telling me to brace up.

In everything, I give Him a thumbs up; for I am climbing up.

God dressed me up; and caused me to lighten up.

For years I have stood up; to work for Him and I am never stressed up.

In trouble He showed up; and in favour He hooks up.

With His hands He made me to grow up; and I have never been caught up.


Job pressure is not job pleasure.

Work-driven cultures try to force people to continually think about what company or corporation they need to work to live rather than live to work. At home, a man’s mind is often drifting off to work. He comes home tired and dozes off in front of the television. His family is neglected because he is so tired to think, pray with them, to read his bible or sing praises to God.

He doesn’t understand the mechanism of grace and wallow in abject discomfort and emptiness. Why most people don’t get energized is that they are always dependent on their might. People who are wrapped in their careers and running after the corporate world have their motivation and priorities out of place. They have taken their work so seriously that they neglect the power behind their existence.

The grace of God is not a covering, it is an enablement to overcome challenges. Grace gives you a second chance. It enables you redirect your step towards the right purpose for your life. It gives you a sense of motivation and shows you there is an Almighty that has been waiting for you to make out time to look on Him. Why God predestined His grace was for you not to lack before you get started.

Always being under job pressure doesn’t bring pleasure irrespective of the fact that it brings food on the table. Sometimes it can make you disconnect from God gradually. Make out time for God, reduce the workload and find a way to reschedule your time to absorb the things of God. Think about it.