What a mighty God we serve !

I woke this morning to dance; for God is my surveillance.

At night He was there for my deliverance; and in this morning He removed every nuisance.

He gave me utterance; and made me a man of importance.

Everyday I put Him into remembrance; thus, He shows His elegance.

I perceive God’s fragrance; and all times I experience His governance.

In His presence He gave me a chance; without resistance.

I took a glance; and I saw how He removed every hindrance.

Against my enemies He takes vengeance; and daily He gives me bread in abundance.

He taught me to be freelance; giving me His grace for instance.

Everything about me He took cognisance; making me to dwell in exuberance.


Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.

29 thoughts on “What a mighty God we serve !”

  1. Great poetic piece. Sensible and well crafted. Actual poetry unlike the prose which today claims to be poetry. Purposeful, truly. Thank you.


  2. Praises to God. He is a mighty God, indeed and I am glad to experience his unfailing kindness. We just need to tune in to his words to enjoy his promises. Great share this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

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