Why didn’t Adam ask for forgiveness when he sinned against God?

Is it not something of concern when you see all that is happening today and ask why Adam never pleaded with God to forgive him? At least the consequences would had reduced. Immediately Adam and Eve sinned everything began to work against them. The question is: “why didn’t it occur to them to plead with God?”. They instead decided to bear the burden without thinking of remedy. Read on, I will tell you why?

When God cursed Cain for killing Abel, Cain immediately pleaded with God to reduce his punishment for it was too much for him to bear which God permitted (Genesis 4: 11-15). Why didn’t Adam do the same?

Adam was not pardoned or forgiven because he had no one to stand in the gap for him. Adam was perfect before he sinned, so he needed someone perfect to plead on his behalf. What God did was to sacrifice the blood of animal to cover their sins, used the skin to cover their shame waiting for Christ to come thereafter to cleanse us all from our sins permanently. That is why Jesus is called the second Adam.

Genesis 3:21 says, “Also for Adam and his wife the Lord God made tunics of skin, and clothed them”.

The law of using animal blood sacrifice to cover sins started from Adam not Moses. Jesus was in the garden of Eden as the Tree of Life (Genesis 3:22), but not accessible to Adam because Jesus has to manifest in the flesh. So even if Adam asked forgiveness there was no one to stand in the gap for God to pardon him.

God is always looking for someone to stand in gap so that His anger or punishment will be averted. Abraham had to stand for his brother Lot and others not to be destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:24-33). Moses stood in the gap for the children of Israel against God’s wrath (Exodus 32:9-14). When God wanted to destroy the children of Israel in the time of Ezekiel, God sought for a man.

Ezekiel 22:30, “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none”.

Adam had to bear the punishment because there was no Mediator or Advocate who is perfect and whose blood sacrifice is acceptable to cleanse his unrighteousness once and for all. For this reason Jesus had to humble Himself, bear the shame, passed through a painful death and shed His blood for the remission of our sins.

God is looking for people like you to stand in the gap for your family, church, spouse, christians, unborn children, generations. It’s time to stand up for the people you love.

When you stand in the gap for people, you close the gap between God and man. Remember, Jesus is standing in the gap for you.

Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.

49 thoughts on “Why didn’t Adam ask for forgiveness when he sinned against God?”

  1. I could be wrong…but viewing the heavenly rebellion, then the earthly rejection of good over evil, wouldn’t we be remiss to think that God Himself wasn’t standing in the gap for mankind; that is God in the form of His Son. The Earth was under spiritual attack by the rebellious one and his minions who were forming strongholds against the heavens and God. God being all knowing and ever-present already knew how it was all going to end. The gap was Jesus. We may ask why a gap? But the best I look at evil is simply if the Son wasntbtgebgsp, the provision for our sins there may have been more consequences for sin. I don’t know. This just makes sense to me.

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  2. This was the very first human sin, Lucifer committed the first sin when he became proud, then his pride influenced other angels to follow him in rebellion against God, then he became Satan. It was Satan who influenced humans to act in defiance of God’s commandment not to eat off the tree, before that moment humanity had no knowledge of right and wrong, this was the first instance of knowingly doing wrong, God could have killed them on the spot, but instead of killing them He killed animals to cover thier nakedness, and the blood covered thier sin, this began the blood sacrifice that was given to Israel in the desert places, which eventually led to Jesus, the Lamd who was slaim and whose blood was spilt to totally wash away our sins, not just cover them.

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  3. No one stood in the gap for Cain and though God did not HAVE to reduce the punishment, He chose to. The fact that Adam and Eve were hiding showed shame for their behavior. The operative question was the the accusation by God. “Who told you that you were naked? Did you eat of the tree I Commanded you not to eat from?” Their action in direct opposition to God’s ONLY commandment was a direct affront to God’s authority. There was no intercession possible. There was only blame to be placed. When Cain killed Abel, he was not a hunter, killing animals for food. Abel was giving the gift of life from the flocks he kept. It was precious blood. Cain’s gift was from the plants he raised. There was no blood involved. Cain didn’t really understand human death. God did not specifically say, “Don’t murder people,” so Cain’s murder of Abel was NOT a direct affront to God’s command. We look on Cain’s behavior and are aghast that he would take a human life, but to him, life was life. He acknowledged his sin, but only after God called him on it…just as God called Adam and Eve on their sin.

    Because Adam and Eve caused the split with God and introduced sin into the world, we needed a mediator. God kicked the couple out of the garden not to keep them from partaking of the pre-incarnate Jesus as the tree of life, but because the tree in the midst of the garden that granted eternal life was not the one they chose to eat from. God did NOT command them not to eat of the tree of life. They could have had immortality. They instead chose the fruit of the one tree that blurred the lines between good and evil. They would know both but be unable to distinguish what was good and what wasn’t. God had 1 commandment, and they broke it. In making excuses and passing blame, they were demonstrating without a shadow of a doubt that they no longer could tell the difference between good and evil. They would not admit to breaking the only commandment because God said, “You will surely die.” They might not have realized what death actually was and were scared to admit their actions. It was a death of innocence. It was the death of perfection. It was the death of perfect knowledge of God. The devil had convinced Eve that they wouldn’t die, and though she ate, she didn’t get sick, so she was inclined to believe that God was a liar. That was unacceptable to a Holy and Righteous God. So no, there was no pleading, no confession, no amount of repentance that they were capable to present. They didn’t know what to do. Cain might have known because he saw how his parents related to God. But truly, he was whining because he was outcast from his family and the land he knew. He’d never known Eden and he had no other family. Adam and Eve at least had each other. Now that he’d killed a person, he knew that his own death was definitely a possibility.

    Oh, and in Exodus 33:18-23 God protected Moses in the cleft of the rock with His Hand (which he wouldn’t have if he had no body) and Moses got to see his back.

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    1. I really cherish the way you elaborated on this issue. Your expressions are really good.
      I also love the way you gave more references in order to make your points clear.
      I thank you very much for your time and contribution. You’re welcome any time. God bless you mightily.

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  4. I loved your post and answers on the comments. If I may take your permission to state a few things?
    Well, in Islam, we believe that Adam and Eve actually DID ask for forgiveness after sinning. And that God DID forgive them. Thus covered their nakedness and sent them down to this earth as a second chance for them–and, by extention, for us, too–to prove their obedience to God and, therefore, to be worth the Garden of Eden again, after resurrection.
    We also believe that one does not need a “mediator” to ask forgiveness (or any other thing, for that matter) from God, as God is the Creator of all, and no one has the privilege to stand as a “pure gap” between human beings and their Creator. Not even Jesus. Simply because Jesus, too, is human; he owns no divinity whatsoever.
    So my question for you is.. how can you possibly accept that there be a barrier between you and your Lord, just because you’ve sinned? He created you; he KNOWS that you are going to sin (given all the circumstances). Do you think that He wouldn’t like to hear you plead with him yourself? If your own child broke a vase. Would you not want your child to ask for forgiveness? Seeing he really regrets it and watch him cry to you? I don’t think there’s any parent that would want their other never-vase-breaking child to come intercede on his behalf. Or is there?

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    1. I thank you for your time and comments. I really appreciate your reply.

      Even if Adam was forgiven the curses were not removed. We’re still suffering it today because there was no Mediator who is Jesus Christ to cleanse the sin once and for all. That was why God had to send Him and be crucified for us to have access to the throne of mercy.
      Adam and Eve were not sent to the earth for a second chance. They were already on this earth when they sinned, the only thing was that they were sent out of the garden of Eden.

      We also believe that Jesus is our Mediator, Advocate, Intercessor. He came in human flesh and also part of divinity. There is no barrier between us and God but a relationship through His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

      The illustration you used about a child who breaks a vase and needed no one to plead on his behalf except asking for forgiveness from the parents is a good one but not applicable to biblical standards of God. Your illustration is man to man but with God it is humanity and divinity.

      I know you may not agree with me because of your religion but that doesn’t make us enemies, we’re friends. We’re sharing our differences in understanding.

      Islam see Jesus as just a prophet like Mohammed, born like any other person but the truth is that Jesus Christ is beyond that. He was not born by sexual interaction of a man and woman but by the Holy Spirit through Mary.

      However, the point I’m making in my post is not that anyone can stand in the gap for someone before God forgives that person but that Jesus is the ONLY one standing in the gap for us believers. Again, standing in gap can mean a lot of things like; standing in the gap for your family in times of need, trouble, lack of faith, struggle, bad situations or bringing them closer to God if their ways are not right before God. God is always looking for someone to use or stand in the gap to help preach the gospel, win souls, help the poor, teach the Scriptures and so on.

      Our beliefs might be different but I must abide by the word of God, no addition no subtraction.

      Thanks again for your time. God bless you my friend.


      1. Well, hello again! Been too long, I know. Uni. Sorry. Lol. xD
        So, um, who talked about enemies? I didn’t. No one did, in fact. I know you’re sharing your viewpoint, bro; so was I.
        I understand that you cannot accept what I said. It must be illogical for you, even. But Imma copy you and use the word “truth”–although it’s a bit subjective to do so–to refer to what I think: It’s the truth; God put NO one as a gap, intercessor, you name it. Jesus (PBH) owns no divinity; he is a creation like you and I are (Although, yes, we, too, do believe there was no interaction between him and Mary–only through Gabriel PBH). Anyhoo… um.. idk, bro. I respect your religion and beliefs. I just wanted to bring to your attention these.. discrepancies, let’s say. You know, so you *reflect*. Yup. No hard feels.
        Peace out!

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  5. Interesting article Pastor. When I read Genesis 3:8…

    “And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden. 9 But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?””

    What I see in this passage is that a preincarnate Jesus WAS in the Garden with Adam and Eve… they heard the sound of the Lord God walking… Jesus is the only physical form God has taken, the Father was never shown to have a physical body and neither was the Holy Spirit.

    However the atonement for sin doesn’t occur until the cross… so I completely agree with your thesis.

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  6. I’m so Thankful and Grateful for what Jesus Christ did for me. He gave His precious life for me, so that I will choose to either go to Heaven or Hell. We all have a choice. No other would are could have done what He did for me and this entire world. Today I know that He wants us the Church to intercede for others. So that they will not fall away from their Faith. He wants us to not be selfish and only think of ourselves. Jesus Christ Himself is that example for us His Children to follow, and to continue doing His Will. We are living in Perilous times. God Bless you and thank you for sharing this message. 🙂

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  7. Interesting thoughts…my question? What was the relationship of the principalities and powers to God and the host of angels in His dominion? We know the principalities and powers existed, so did the host of angels who were constantly doing battle. Would it be safe to say, the angels had the authority to stand in the gap for mankind, especially against those waging war against the Kingdom?

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    1. Sure, the angels can stand in the gap for mankind as you said, especially waging war against principalities and powers by the command of God.
      However, what I’m trying to say is standing in the gap for our sins which Christ did. There are a lot of ways one can stand in the gap for others. So it depends what you or another person is standing in the gap for.

      I appreciate your time and keen interest. Remain blessed.

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        1. Christ is our worthy Mediator standing in the gap for us. We can also stand in the gap for others by praying for them, leading them to Christ, bringing them closer to God, finding time to minister to them, encouraging them in the Lord. There are a lot of ways we can do that. Just find the one you can do and the Lord will do the rest.
          Remain blessed.

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  8. Brother, Please explain your “Jesus was in the garden of Eden as the Tree of Life (Genesis 3:22), but not accessible to Adam because Jesus has to manifest in the flesh.” Where do you find the relationship of the Tree of Life and the Word that was with God, that was God and is Jesus? Jesus is the Way the Truth and The Life. The tree He planted in the garden for His Children’s healing is a representation and outreach of that love to show us the physical healing and life from His spiritual perspective. Thank you for the courage you show in proclaiming God’s Word! Jesus is my Savior, no religion!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and asking.
      In Genesis 3:22, God made sure that Adam and Eve had no access to the tree of life, lest they eat it and live forever. Now the question is: what is the tree of life can one eat and live forever?

      Read Revelation 22:2 were John explained where the tree of life yields fruits for the healing of the nation.
      Revelation 22:14 says, “blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city”.
      Adam had no right to it because he broke the commandments.

      Proverbs 11:30 says, “the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life….”.

      It means you can’t be righteous without the tree of life which is Jesus. For we live by the righteousness of Christ. So, Jesus is the tree of life in midst of the garden of Eden (Genesis 2:9). Adam had no access to it because his sinful nature was a hindrance. That was why God guarded it with angels so that Adam won’t eat from it and live forever without remission of sin (Genesis 3:24).

      May God continually open our eyes to His word.

      Thanks for your time.

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  9. This is interesting! Like Barbara said, I have never thought of this story this way. Good one!
    I will be interested to know who stood in the gap for Cain too. Blessings!

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    1. Nobody stood in the gap for Cain. The only thing was that he was sensitive enough to know how to plead for his sinful nature. So God had to reduce his punishment but not totally removing the punishment.
      The point I’m making is that the punishment would have reduced if Adam had done the same thing but instead he was blaming Eve and Eve was blaming the serpent. So nobody owned up and thus every punishment took effect.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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  10. Interesting post. I never thought about it, but God did provide a blood sacrifice covering them for their sin, and a promised redeemer, though they had to suffer the consequences or wages of their sin, right?

    Yes, Cain asked for mercy, so who stood in the gap for him?

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