Who hijacked the wine?

Things don’t just happen in life. Nothing happens by chance or coincidence. Anything that happens to you has been masterminded in the spirit. Why am I saying this? When you are planning, the enemy is also planning but because we have Jesus the plans of the enemy cannot prevail.

Jesus and His disciples were invited to a wedding in Cana of Galilee and the mother of Jesus was there. Don’t you think the bride and bridegroom must have employed the services of an event planner, musicians, ushers and servants before inviting Jesus as a guest of honour? Don’t you think enough wine must have been budgeted for the event? They never expected Jesus to come and be disappointed.

For Jesus and His disciples to agree to honour the wedding is enough for the celebrants to prepare for the occasion with all detailed menu and necessary protocol.

Suddenly, something happened in John 2:3, it says, “And when they ran out of wine, the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine”.

Why would they run out of wine? I  want to tell you without mincing words that somebody hijacked the wine to shame the celebrants. How did I know? I will tell you. If you read verse 10 of the same chapter, you will discover that the master of the feast was asking the bridegroom why he reserved the good wine until that moment. The bridegroom could not answer because he was surprised how the wine came and why the wine he provided was not enough.

There were enemies behind the scene who had planned against the celebrants to rubbish their wedding. They wanted to take away the glamour of the event so that what God has prepared will not come to pass.

Jesus appeared at the nick of time to save them from the shame. Most places He goes to, there is always a problem and His presence always brings solution.

When Jesus turned the water into wine the guests were well satisfied. Wine symbolizes sweetness, merrymaking and the heart of the event because without it the wedding will become meaningless.

Who hijacked the wine in your marriage? Who hijacked the wine in your life? Who hijacked the wine in your salvation? Who hijacked the wine from your family? Who hijacked the wine in your place of work and duty? Who hijacked your wine of blessings? When the wine is hijacked the sweetness in your destiny is removed.

Don’t allow what you are passing through to make you run out of wine. In case you’ve run out of wine invite Jesus to the scene.

I pray you will never run out of wine in your life in Jesus name. Amen.

Author: Pastor Chilavert Nmezi

I am televangelist, having the divine call and a mandate to reach out to the ends of the world winning souls for Christ.

7 thoughts on “Who hijacked the wine?”

  1. I appreciate your analogy of this – not so sure if I agree fully – but that’s not the point. I love wine. I love God and have a relationship with Jesus Christ – and never want to lose my zeal of either.


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